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MMORPGs – Club Penguin September 14, 2006

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Well, I tried out Club Penguin the other day and… well, I could say that I was impressed, but I’d be blatantly lying.

No commas, no at signs, no pound signs, no dollars signs, no percentages, no pointing-up-signs, no ampersands, no asterisks, no parentheses, no brackets of any sort, no tildes, no backwards apostrophes, no equal signs, no plus signs, no pipe, no backslash, no forward slash, no colon, no semicolon, no dashes, no greater than or less than signs, no quotes, short sentences……. and the killer…

No commas.

Snakes on a plane, people… just look at how many commas I’ve used in just this post so far!

How is anyone supposed to communicate in this game?

Additionally it’s written in flash, although I can’t really hold that against it so much…

I’ve yet to see a decent free software MMORPG (crossfire notwithstanding, it’s _old_),

and they don’t seem to worry about tech or licensing much.


Yay! July 17, 2006

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I haven’t updated in a while, I know, I really haven’t got a decent excuse anymore
either, except that nothing happens.
Well, that isn’t exactly true either… I’m going to HOPE 6! (I hope)
My laptop just doesn’t like feeling obsolete, what with the inability to render pages properly and quickly
(you can have speed or good looks, but don’t try for both),
so I don’t really feel comfortable updating that way.
Well, enough with the excuses…
Wait, you can never have enough excuses! I’m actually on QWERTY right now, and man is it
p a i n f u l.
Well, other than bragging about HOPE 6 to people who’ve never heard of it,
I’ve been becoming a nocturnal vegan who spends all night on IRC. woot.
and not even a half exciting channel, most times, although we do have a blog
(wow, a blog more obscure than mine! PONIES!):
I’m on a library machine right now, so no admin, although I could have a go at that (wink wink…)
colinux doesn’t seem to work without winpcap, which requires admin… if anyone knows a way around this I’d
be grateful for probably an hour or so, and considering my limited attention span, that’s almost as good as being eternally grateful.
Well, at least typing on qwerty is a half decent excuse for spelling mistakes, that is, if there wasn’t a spell checker…
(eamb you, spell checker!)
So yeah, I’ve been reading webcomics, chatting, and library “hacking”, although you could barely consider it that.
The regular stuff.
Putty is a great ssh client for windows, I don’t know what I’d do without it…
Someday I’m going to buy a USB key and then I wont have to bother with all this silly cracking root stuff and sshing just to get a regular linux terminal.
Until (probably) almost never,

Me running a bunch of apps in ion. May 31, 2006

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Well, here’s a boring screenshot
of me checking up on webcomics
in ion, using dillo, on my 200mhz laptop.
^^ oh, and that’s Scott Kurtz’s
PVP comic on the screen there…
hopefully I’m not violating any laws
Funny story…
I just recently decided to update my
debian testing kernel, and borked my
So, thought I… “I’ll just switch to breezy,
everyone’s doing it!”
Well, I did.
And the fonts were horrible, my
trackpads buttons were reversed,
the console wasn’t fullscreen,
and there were only old, outdated
packages. (such as bitlbee without ssl, for some reason.)
So, thought I _again_… (gotta stop that) “I’ll just add the testing repos!”
Well, obviously _that_ didn’t work
out correctly… so, I installed elive…
Removed enlightenment and firefox,
grabbed dillo and weechat and other
Now I have a working system just
like my old debian one… only better,
because the e17 and morphix repos
are pre-merged!

Moved! (no, the other type of moved) May 11, 2006

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Well, not only have I moved my blog to here, I've moved to a new house!

It's a multi family, but we live on both floors.

In some spots the electricity does not work, but the walls are not made of cardboard, and the floors don't collapse and send you crashing into the basement when you walk on them!

We haven't got a stove or a fridge yet, so we've been eating junk (take out etc) and drinking non-fat dry milk and teas.

I now have my own room, which is nice, and it's right on the border of wifi (provided by our friendly neighborhood "assisted living center".

I'll be posting more often now that my laptop is set up with skipstone (although all the text lags… I wonder if this'd work in links or dillo?)

So… right when you don't expect it… expect it! 

Movedness! March 18, 2006

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Okay, so this is the sequel to the sequel to my blog.


I want to be able to update from my laptop, and blogger hasn’t got any good clients,

so… long story.

Anyhow, you can read my old blog at thatlightbulb.blogspot.com and my old old one at noaj.livejournal.com.