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MMORPGs – Club Penguin September 14, 2006

Posted by thatlightbulb in Uncategorized.

Well, I tried out Club Penguin the other day and… well, I could say that I was impressed, but I’d be blatantly lying.

No commas, no at signs, no pound signs, no dollars signs, no percentages, no pointing-up-signs, no ampersands, no asterisks, no parentheses, no brackets of any sort, no tildes, no backwards apostrophes, no equal signs, no plus signs, no pipe, no backslash, no forward slash, no colon, no semicolon, no dashes, no greater than or less than signs, no quotes, short sentences……. and the killer…

No commas.

Snakes on a plane, people… just look at how many commas I’ve used in just this post so far!

How is anyone supposed to communicate in this game?

Additionally it’s written in flash, although I can’t really hold that against it so much…

I’ve yet to see a decent free software MMORPG (crossfire notwithstanding, it’s _old_),

and they don’t seem to worry about tech or licensing much.



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