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Yay! July 17, 2006

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I haven’t updated in a while, I know, I really haven’t got a decent excuse anymore
either, except that nothing happens.
Well, that isn’t exactly true either… I’m going to HOPE 6! (I hope)
My laptop just doesn’t like feeling obsolete, what with the inability to render pages properly and quickly
(you can have speed or good looks, but don’t try for both),
so I don’t really feel comfortable updating that way.
Well, enough with the excuses…
Wait, you can never have enough excuses! I’m actually on QWERTY right now, and man is it
p a i n f u l.
Well, other than bragging about HOPE 6 to people who’ve never heard of it,
I’ve been becoming a nocturnal vegan who spends all night on IRC. woot.
and not even a half exciting channel, most times, although we do have a blog
(wow, a blog more obscure than mine! PONIES!):
I’m on a library machine right now, so no admin, although I could have a go at that (wink wink…)
colinux doesn’t seem to work without winpcap, which requires admin… if anyone knows a way around this I’d
be grateful for probably an hour or so, and considering my limited attention span, that’s almost as good as being eternally grateful.
Well, at least typing on qwerty is a half decent excuse for spelling mistakes, that is, if there wasn’t a spell checker…
(eamb you, spell checker!)
So yeah, I’ve been reading webcomics, chatting, and library “hacking”, although you could barely consider it that.
The regular stuff.
Putty is a great ssh client for windows, I don’t know what I’d do without it…
Someday I’m going to buy a USB key and then I wont have to bother with all this silly cracking root stuff and sshing just to get a regular linux terminal.
Until (probably) almost never,



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